Our Vision

Because we trust that bringing together talents will expand the possibilities, we support young filmmakers at the Arc Film Festival. 


The platform was created as a response on Rhineland-Palatinate still being  the  only state in Germany that does not have a federal fund for filmmaking. To address the issues and bring the entrepreneurs to a round table with the independent industry while the press listens carefully. 


In exchange with annually different partnerships to other cities the Arc Film Festival understands it's mission as a hub in between the impact of the independent creativity with the one's that have the great leverage. Together we can actually change what has been addressed and make great films, that can compete in international Festivals itself. 

For marketing of the young Film Festival in Mainz, we have realised a series of video content to help the ambitious scene from the Rhine-Main area to get their points across. Aside of the online videos so far we are working together on a media center with a versatile content of features that aggregate insight views into sets and fun occasions that make life of set enthralling - the sequels target to make filmmakers learn from like-minded in fun-filled videos. 


To find out more about the aspiring aims of the Arc-Team and to learn about what they have achieved since the recent foundation, please visit the Arc Film Festival's Homepage or follow their steps on  Facebook